Here at Pro-Tan, Spray Tan Studio, quality counts.  We have a choice of High End Products, all of which are Organic and give great natural results, with that just off the beach look.  Please read below, a list of our products, the way they work and the look you will achieve, as long as you follow the strict guidelines for before preparation and after care (FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL RESULT IN A POOR FINISH and Pro-Tan Studios cannot be held responsible).


Before Your Spray Tan:

DO exfoliate you whole body, 24 hours before treatment, especially elbows, knees,, heels and any areas of hard skin, lightly moisturise the skin afterwards.

DONT shave or wax 24 hours before treatment

DO completely remove make up, cosmetics, deodorant (FAILURE TO DO THIS COULD RESULT ON YOUR TAN HAVING A GREEN TINGE) jewlery and all clothing.

Do wear loose clothing to avoid rubbing off and uneaven tanning.

DO wear older underwear as some tans can stain nylon.

After Your Spray Tan:

DONT shower or take exercise for at least 6 hours after treatment, then only rince your body in plain water, no soap products. 

DONT soak in bath for 24 hours after treatment

DONT shave for at least 12 hours after treatment as this can have similar effects to exfoliating.

DO pumice soles of feet to remove any staining

DO avoid exfoliating the whole body after your spray tan as this will fade the tan quicker

DONT use exfoliating facial washes or toner on the face for at least 24 hours after treatment

DO exfoliate lightly any areas of dry skin (ie heels, elbows) as tan fades to ensure these areas fade evenly

DO moisturise your skin daily for a longer lasting tan

DO use suitable suntan lotion when in the sun as your spray tan will not offer protection from UV rays

DO have regular top up sessions as this will build and extend the life of your tan, some skin types may need more than others.  To obtain a darker tan, repeat treatment after the origional application has developed.

DO avoid swimming pools as chlorine may strip your tan.  Also avoid steam rooms and saunas.

Vani-T - Spray Tan Solutions

If Its Good Enough For "A" List Celebrities, Its Good Enough For You

Liqued Sun is the Rolls Royce of Tanning, it provides a deep, honey-dipped glow with potent age fighting, skin firming and cell rejuvination properties - all in one innovative product.


Micro-emulsion technology offers better penetration and delivery of the active ingredients, giving a deeper, darker results, extra longevity and superior fading.


Medium Shade (8% DHA)

Dark Shade (12% DHA)

We can also mix a colour that will suit your needs                 







Fusion has combining breakthrough technology with nutrient-rich indigenous Australian botanicles, Fusion gives you an exotic Mediterranean looking faux tan with a true Australian twist in a quick dry application.


Skin Fusion technology binds intense colour to the skin for never before sen longevity, and offers the smoothest, most even fade, so no-one will know its simulated.


Flawless, long lasting and true to life, its the new revolution in tanning

                  Medium / Dark Shade (10% DHA)